The benefits of golfing

Posted by Masters Golf on Jan 22 2021 at 09:18AM PST

Indeed, golf would increase the life expectancy of 5 years among golfers who practice it regularly. Why do we attribute such great benefits to this sport? The Masters Live Stream is the 85th edition of the Master’s Tournament. It is being held from April 08 –11 at Augusta National Golf Club in Augusta, Georgia. If you are a real fan of the golf sport, you need to know How to watch Masters 2021 live stream through your device.

Firstly, because the benefits of walking have been proven for a very long time both on the cardiovascular and articular level. In golf, we generally walk outdoors for 4 hours to 5:30 am, or 6 to 7 km, which is excellent for oxygenating the body and for burning calories in order to control the weight curve.

Second, golf is a sport where the risk of injury is rather low with a proper warm-up before the game. The low risk of injury, therefore, allows as many people as possible to play golf for a large part of their life, unlike other sports that are harder on the body.

The third benefit is in the “structure” of your body. It helps maintain muscle strength. During your swing, the back, shoulders, hips, wrists, glutes, thighs, calves, and abdominals are called upon. It is therefore a fairly complex movement that uses several muscles in your body and that requires skill, strength, but also coordination. A great recipe for maintaining good physical condition throughout your life.

The fourth benefit is in terms of balance and control of one’s movements. Golf would be as good or even a better exercise than tai chi for balance training. This is also essential as we age because it allows us to avoid nasty falls. Likewise, balance is also a very useful asset in practically all sports!

The fifth benefit of golf lies in its contribution to the good psychological health of an individual. Indeed, during a round of golf, the brain is constantly called upon, which promotes good neurological health. You think about the right stick to adopt, the distance to be covered, the right path to take, you analyze the wind and the greens. All of these actions use the neurons in your brain, which is a significant benefit to your health. Studies have shown that stressing neurons is a major element in the fight against slowing down neurological aging. In addition, the concentration required for golf throughout the round is another benefit for your psychological health.

Sixth, golf also has a positive impact on the socialization of individuals. During their round, golfers have plenty of opportunities to chat and chat. This period of time allows individuals to meet the socialization need essential for good psychological health. The golfer can play with his friends or even with strangers, which is also a good option for meeting people and promoting socialization.

The last two items mention that playing golf decreases the rate of depression, dementia, and anxiety. This validates the positive impact of golf on mental health, a must for the overall health of an individual.

Seventh, intimately linked to mental health, golf also influences stress levels in a positive way. Although golf can generate some stressful times, it is a good way to learn how to control it. In addition, golf is practiced in a calm, peaceful, and green location. Golf is also played in a context of fun and relaxation, for people who of course have a good character on the course. It allows you to cut yourself off from everyday life, but above all from the worries of the office, for those who turn off their cellphones when leaving # 1. In this sense, golf allows you to live a moment of fulfillment, focused on: living the present moment, essential in order to be successful, or at least to play to your full potential.

Eighth, the final benefit of golf has to do with your heart health, nothing less! Indeed, playing a round of golf, on foot of course, at a frequency of about 2 to 3 times a week, gives the physical activity necessary to promote good heart health. As a bonus, the practice of golf lowers the cholesterol level in your blood, which decreases the risk of diabetes. Of note, diabetes costs the health care system an estimated $ 3.4 billion. Golf is therefore becoming a major ally against this disease which affects 9.2% of the Canadian population (Source: The Canadian Diabetes Association, 2016). As a bonus, golf also lowers hypertension!

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